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Chongqing City Mountain Marathon start. The Chongqing marathon has a good reputation as "the first run of the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River". Today's Yangtze River has become the supporting role of the runners.

is a track with Taotao surging forward,

a heavy horse, because your PB goal is unlimited.

2015 Chongqing marathon, led by the top gold medal partner of XTEP event, XTEP launched the theme of "power forward and PB win", and 42.195 became the symbol of the whole mountain city boiling.

Changjiang River distribution angle

Chongqing marathon is known as "the first run of the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River". Today, the Yangtze River has become the supporting role of the runners. At 8:30 in the morning, the Chongqing marathon started on time. The shot like assault horn, tens of thousands of runners to target PB filed out of their own.

, the runners in bright green special suits are the most eye-catching. They unite and dress together to "drive forward, PB want" as a unified game oath. They are from the XTEP running club, the runners of the runners. With the support and professional support from XTEP, special runners seem to be the biggest highlight of the whole race, and are infected with every one of them who are eager to challenge themselves and drive forward with their enthusiasm.
"Leaping" PB wall
organizing committee's marathon wall hanged the competition medal by the contestant. Contestants' wind run to PB target wall their target PB.
started the end of the horse and set up two special walls. One side is the wall of the marathon that is built by the heavy Marseilles and is written with the names of all the contestants. The other side is high on the PB target wall in the XTEP heavy horse exhibition area. The former proves that you are a real runner standing on the marathon track. The latter, then, tells the runner about another realm, the motive force, the challenge of self.

, in order to encourage more marathon enthusiasts, XTEP launched the advocacy of Yong Chuang PB before the heavy horse race, and served the runner with professional running guidance and targeted pre warming activities. As the day of the competition approached, the PB wall was quickly filled with thousands of oath full of heavy horse PB targets, and the higher it was. In order to make his vows at the highest level, the runners who are jumping in front of the PB wall have become another scene of the game. Initially I was in high school in order to achieve the dream of a marathon ", a nickname" wind run runner said: "now I run several marathons, they also run faster and faster, today I want to create their own 2 hours and 40 minutes of the PB target in Chongqing, so I want to put it at the top!"
The PB glory

of the
three medals from the local Chen Zhigang, Chongqing, is the most typical of the many PB runners. Last year he took part in the whole race for the first time and finished 4 hours and 30 points.


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