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20 ideas for the runners to buy expensive equipment
runners always spare no effort to make various preparations for running: training programs, food science, and of course equipment. A fine selection of bras, watches and running shoes is to keep yourself in the best condition. However, this does not mean that we will pursue the most expensive things or not buy at all. Because running may be a priceless treasure, some of the equipment is certainly not! Alison, the American woman runner, shared the 20 ideas of the runners when they bought expensive equipment:

1, OK, this is today! You can't be dragging it! I have to go to the store to buy new running shoes and a new watch. Because I have a hole in my running shoes, and I haven't gone out on GPS to show that I ran 80km...

2, OK, the choice is really much! I'm sure there's always something I can afford. This watch looks really beautiful!

3. How many zero is this?

4, is there an installment plan or anything else...

5, OK, so I have to find a part-time job, no big deal. Hey, maybe I can work in this shop. I want to know if employees have discounts...

6. Well, I'll wear this watch all the time. It obviously raised the taste of my whole clothes, even with the tuxedo. Of course it is delicacies with running shoes. So basically I can save money and not buy other shoes.

7, don't think what you can do with this money... Don't think! Car loan... Two weeks of food cost... A year of coffee... All said don't think ~~~

8, people don't say, if you give up a day's latte or something like that, can you become a millionaire in 10 years? I don't even drink latte, so I'm sure I can afford it.

9, why is running so expensive? It is actually the simplest movement. I don't need a horse or a sled.

10, forget it! My current running shoes are good for me.

11, oh, no, I have an important charity race to run. If I continue to train in these shoes now, I'll sprain my ankle. I'm sure I won't raise money if I don't actually run that game.

12, maybe I should run a charity game to raise money for these things.

13, I bet I would feel a little better if I figuring out the cost of every piece of equipment. Let me see, 150 pieces of money divided by 7 days 5km, then minus 2 days, plus a long run, the average is... Oh, the hardest math!

14, oh no, salesman, don't come. Don't you see that I'm sweating here? I'm obviously not a customer for your expensive watch.

15, come on...

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