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positive developments in recent years, men's shoe Christian Louboutin before the 2012 men's shoes to add new Louis Ring Strass, before this, and last year those studded with Swarovski black crystal overboots Louis Strass selected overboots type as the blueprint. Christian men's high shoes

Black / gray color matching shoes with silver material outline lines, and finally sprinkled with a large number of silver wrapped crystal, and eye-catching detail design is not the enemy, this bright blind eyes, instantly become clouds. This shining high cylinder shoes are now landing Christian Louboutin, priced at $2495 U.S. dollars (about $19345 Hong Kong dollars), although the price is really not too close to the people, but the bright crystal shoes are very heavy weight Oh,
2011-12-31 08:46 upload and download the attachment (109.99 KB) Adidas Crazy 8; recently again released two new color product, a vamp in black white leather toe cap collocation, another Memphis Grizzlies Jersey color, the same as the leather toe material, two pairs of Adidas Crazy 8 in Finish Line all now sale. The performance is outstanding, the appearance is classical, these two paragraphs, whether actual combat or press the road all is a good choice.

We're finally waiting! Chinese men 4X100 meters win the U. S. team to win the championship.
we're finally waiting! Chinese men 4X100 meters win the U. S. team to win the championship! In the just concluded international track and field Diamond League, Monaco men's four men team defeated the us two teams in the relay race of 4X100 meters to win the championship. Chinese team won the championship victory over the enemy for 38.19 seconds. Finally, let's let the men in China take a breath. In the world competition, our men's track and field can also win over the strong teams in the United States.

the four men's 4X100 meter relay was Su Bingtian, Zhang Peimeng, Xie Zhenye and Wu Zhiqiang. Stick in the first run Wu Zhiqiang, run the second best is Xie Zhenye, run the third best is Subing add, the fourth best veteran Zhang Peimeng. The four players are Chinese team played very well, taking over the complete action is very smooth, the strongest group of four China man 4X100 meters up strong America beat to win, we China team winning score is 39.19 seconds, the A team's score is 38.30 seconds in the second row, the team's score is B 30.41 second runner up.

since Liu Xiang, we China man in the sprint track and field has not won the world series again, although it was the men's 4X100 metres Chinese sprinters won second and third top three ranking, but want to won the champion really is very difficult! Now we China 4X100 m young man can finally defeat the world teams to win, as we Chinese a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.
a lot of the audience for Chinese man sprint has been not very concerned about, because many teams in the world, and yellow in the sprint also does not have what advantage, so our audience for China male sprinters do not hold too much hope to win, we did not expect Chinese men's 4X100 meter boy with the strength to speak and conquered all the audience. We hope that in the future, we will be able to support our Chinese men's sprinter and give them more encouragement and attention.

Su Bingtian before the world series 100 meters project, once ran into 10 seconds, we China viewers and fans know the future of our Chinese team in the sprint events will win the championship, I did not expect this championship finally arrived, but American team won the victory over the world teams, it is the strength of witness worthy of the name. Congratulations on the winning of our Chinese men's 4X100 meters, and they also hope that they will continue to continue their efforts and continue their splendor in the future. (basketball)

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