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Push the baby car on the runway.

according to the "China Times" in Taiwan, Chen Chien-chou and Christine Fan often "bask the baby" on the Internet and have been loved by many fans. Yesterday, Chen Chien-chou had a photo of his family, but it was a violation by the netizen.
Christine Fan often basked the baby in micro-blog.
photo, Chen Chien-chou and Christine Fan will direct the twins baby plastic runway car propulsion field, because a lot of games, such as bicycle cart wheel provides equipment can not enter the runway, the runway in order to avoid damage, so the netizen message said: "the wheel is not the PU runway", "wheel pressure in PU went to the playground and easily broken off".

In Harajuku fashion brand Gallery1950 recently partnered with CONVERSE to launch a canvas shoes. This pair of shoes to choose Jack Purcell model and try a bold color selection, purple soles, orange lining, yellow orange and pink stripe open smile heel design has brought many highlights for this pair of shoes. At the same time, both sides of the logo were also printed on the soles of the left and right, marking the first cooperation between the two sides, quite memorable. Unfortunately, these shoes are scheduled for sale in January next year, and friends who like to open their mouths will have to wait.
The game perfect weapon Adidas released the latest Falcon Falcon football boots five winning regional decomposition map

Adidas's new
Predator Lethal Zones Falcon boots with five winning players at the foot area, is the most sharp weapon. The five winning regions respectively for high speed and dribbling, perfect touch ball, accelerate shot speed and long distance passing and accurate passing these important action in the football match, it will bring exceptional control of football as a kicker.

Adidas independent research and development of the five major winning region has the advantage of using the one and only, ultra light (SL) rubber, memory foam and 3-D texture, so that every time the ball players can perfectly control the football.

Dribble District dribbling dribbling
super light rubber to help the players with the best way of dribbling. The side of the rubber texture reduces the contact area of the ball, suitable for many rapid touch ball, to ensure the best control ability.

First Touch control area control
this area is the area of the first moment of the ball ball, boots foot parts of large area touch area distribution of sag texture, it creates a good adsorption effect, help players better finish instant ball, ball unloading and stopping.

shooting zone,
, Sweet, Spot shooting areaThe surface area of
boots can let the ball from the central higher rotational speed when the ball, and the bottom of the three-dimensional fringe convex connection, can cause friction time increases the ball.

Drive long long zone
this area is an important area of long pass, long-range, 3-D shoes forefoot protruding and thicker instep conforms to the natural shape of the resulting elastic effect, can help players better accomplish long-distance passing and shooting, also can make the ball more change.

Pass short short zoneThe memory foam on the side of the
ensures consistency of passing, while the larger 3-D sticky texture on the contact surface increases the touch time to achieve more accurate short distance passes.
The launch of the
Falcon boots, the Hybridtouch characteristics of ultra soft leather uppers, it combines the advantages of artificial leather and synthetic materials, comfort, stability, dry and all-weather best touch.

Predator Lethal Zones is the first equipped with miCoach intelligent core Falcon boots, which means that players can track their performance on the field, such as recording, running distance sprint times, the fastest speed and performance data, then the data is transmitted to a mobile phone or computer wirelessly.
boots also integrates the revolutionary adizerof50 S>

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